In the sleepy little town of Independence, Texas college students are dying in grisly ways; their bodies gutted and torn to pieces. Through an experiment with a Van de Graaff generator, a creature known as a pricolici is accidentally summoned from the grave by paranormal investigator Dr. Simone Brimlow. With help from her investigation team and folklore expert Dr. Neil Stanton, she must stop this killer before more lives are lost. Her quest will take her from new and innovative scientific methods for calling forth the dead, to the ancient torture chambers of the infamous Blood Countess, Elizabeth Bathory, to a final face-to-face encounter with a monster who forces her to confront internal terrors of her own. 




An evil unseen force has invaded the home of Carol, a new and emotionally fragile mother. It is demading that she do unspeakably harmful things to her daughter Jennie. When the powers of an ancient malevolent creature invade a quiet suburban household, a young mother is forced into a pitched battle for the life of her child.