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SPARK is the story of Dr. Simone Brimlow, a modern day paranormal investigator. Her journey starts with a simple question--what if electrical energy from a Van de Graaff generator enables spirits to physically manifest? After conducting an experiment near a local cemetery her question is answered in the form of an ancient legend come back to life. 

Medieval Romanians believed extremely wicked people were able to return from the dead as pricolici--wolf-type creatures that gut and devour their victims. This is what Simone's experiment accidentally unleashes with murderous consequences. 

Praise for SPARK:
A modern day paranormal mystery and adventure which has just the right mix of humor and horror without going overboard.
Stuart Conover, Hellnotes.  For full review, visit:
Praise for Intruder:
Intruder is a chilling depiction of the corruption of a mother's love...evoking the horror of the unknown.
Gerard Houarner, author of Road from Hell and The Oz Suite
With its combination of suspense and action, Intruder delivers on its promise.
JG Faherty, author of Bones and The Jesus Orchid

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